Toshiba 1 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive 3.5

Toshiba 1 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive 3.5

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Product details of TOSHIBA 1TB 3.5" INTERNAL SATA HARD DRIVE Toshiba’s 7200 RPM 3.5-inch (8.9cm) HDD series is optimised for use in power-friendly consumer and commercial desktop computers, gaming PCs and external HDDs. The DT01ACA100 offers 1000GB capacity and uses Advanced Format and leverages a best-in-class power management technology. In addition, this desktop drive provides up to 16% idle power savings over the previous model. The 6 Gb/s SATA interface drives deliver 7200 RPM performance.

Capacity: 1TB (1000GB)

Condition: Brand New Sealed Box

Model: DT01ACA100

Form Factor: 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Disk

Interface: SATA lll (SATA 6Gb/s)

Buffer Size: 32MB Cache

Rotation Speed: 7200rpm

Max Data Transfer Speed: 1822 Mbit/s

Inside Box: Toshiba 3.5" HDD 1TB SATA 6.0 GB/S 7200RPM