Privacy Policy

How We Protect Your Privacy

JOEBZ COMPUTER SALES & SERVICES cares about the privacy of our Users. We will only collect, register and store information for your transactions.

How we collect and use information

We will only ask for your username, password, real name, birthdate, mobile number and e-mail address for a JCSS account. The information acquired will be used for transactions under the website and will not be disclosed not unless the user decides to publish it publicly.

Sharing your information

We will not rent or sell any information into third parties outside JCSS without your consent, except as noted below:

  1. We may share your information with our third-party business partners for the purpose of providing a better Service to you. Not all information will be shared to our third-party business partners. Rest assured that these third parties operate under a similar privacy policy.
  2. Once your account participated in any group discussion or comments in JCSS’ site, your e-mail address will be shared with the group included in the discussion.

How we store your information

Your information collected through the site will be stored and processed in the JCSS server located in the Philippines. We will not be transferring your information to other accounts since we are only a single site and is not affiliated in any other organizations not posted in the website.