Kaspersky Internet Security Latest Version- Multi-Device - 3 PC - 2 Private Password Vaults 1 Year Sub

Kaspersky Internet Security Latest Version- Multi-Device - 3 PC - 2 Private Password Vaults 1 Year Sub

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Kaspersky Standard is a digital security package specifically designed with businesses in mind. With Kaspersky Premium, you’ll experience robust protection against attacks and a performance that speeds up your devices, eliminates bloatware, and ensures that your programs are always up to date.

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Online Banking Protection

Kaspersky Standar’s service lets you do your banking from home by redirecting you to a secure banking-grade browser. It safeguards your financial details and credit card numbers from being stolen by cybercriminals.

Private browsing

Kaspersky Standard helps prevent websites and social media platforms you use on your Mac or PC from monitoring your online behavior, storing your personal information, and bombarding you with ads. It also allows you to disable banner advertisements and other promotional content.

Real-time Antivirus

Protect yourself against emerging and long-standing internet dangers with real-time antivirus, which performs steadfast scans of your devices for malware.

Safe Web Browsing

If you try to access one of the potentially harmful websites, you get alerts before you connect it. Kaspersky Standard does this by comparing your site to a database of others that have been attacked, and then it asks whether you want to continue.

Performance optimization

You can now quickly optimize your computer with the help of Kaspersky’s disc cleaner. Kaspersky Standard also helps you eliminating unnecessary files and optimize your hardware.

Optimizing facilitates the detection of and deletion of duplicate files. Moreover, you can organize your files by size, making identifying and deleting unnecessary data easier and making your device run faster overall.